Manning Design + Construction has over 40 years of construction industry experience in commercial, industrial and residential building projects. We specialize in upgrading buildings to meet changing needs; our goal is to help bring new life to existing structures. Experienced in all phases of the design/build process, we self-perform as much of the project as possible to control quality and budget.

With our role being the installer and maintainer of so many roofs we have designed ourselves, or with our associated design professional partners, we have figured out what works. These nuts and bolts solutions have created in Oregon over 150 sucessful rooftops, as greenzones or living space. In addition to those reinvented rooftops, our commitment to stormwater issues in general, and our work on older buildings performing seismic retrofitting is our contribution to a safer, more sustainable infrastructure.


Williams District Ecoroof

The clients building these two North Portland infill mini-cottages for the rental market wanted to extend the garden to the...

Ankeny Nest Ecoroof and Patios

Built in two phases, in 2013 and 2016, this multi-family residence constructed in the high-density Buckman neighborhood, extended all the...

Woodburn Chevron Station with ecoroof and solar panels

ExtraMile Gas Station Ecoroof and Solar

Designed for energy efficiency and low environmental impact, two Ecoroof Oregon installations, one in Beaverton, and another in Woodburn, helped...

Hillsdale Garage Addition and Ecoroof

The new garage slated for this steep SW Portland site situated in a landslide zone required thoughtful stormwater management. City...

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