Woodburn Chevron

Designed for energy efficiency and low environmental impact, two Ecoroof Oregon installations, one in Beaverton, and another in Woodburn, helped our client realize his goal to convert a standard Chevron station into some of the nation’s first “green” gas stations.

The Beaverton ExtraMile Chevron’s 1,750 square foot green roof, built over its pump station in 2010, was installed adjacent to 180 solar panels which meet about a third of the station’s energy needs. The green roof canopy absorbs about 43,000 gallons of rain annually.

In 2014, a second Chevron station in the I-5 corridor in Woodburn, was converted to a net zero station, this time incorporating a 1,900 square foot sedum roof with solar panels.

Manning Design + Construction assisted with concept development and design of these projects, and worked with the engineer to calculate the finish-weight of the entire assembly, framing, roofing, and ecoroof. The challenge was how to place 25 tons of ecoroof materials on top of a gas station canopy supported by four free-standing steel columns. As this was the first ecoroof for the City of Beaverton, we worked with the city on the stormwater facility aspects of the project, which offset the on-site landscape requirements, and facilitated the permitting and engineering of the project. Our scope of work included all framing above the steel canopy, membrane, roof drainage system, and irrigation.

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