Foundation Repair + Replacement

foundation_repair_replacement_1foundation_repair_replacement_3foundation_repair_replacement_4Hillsdale patio and deck

Manning Design+Construction is experienced in residential, multi-family, and commercial foundation repair and replacement at any scale. We retrofit existing structures and/or engineer seismic solutions for new development. We build and modernize foundations throughout the Portland, Oregon metro region.

Foundation repair or replacement is often the first thing to consider when building an addition or re-purposing a building. From a home addition requiring foundation alteration, to a warehouse renovation in need of new shear wall footings, we can determine an efficient solution for your Portland area based project. Our work spans from the residential remodel to the commercial retrofit.

Pacific Northwest building codes have been updated to reflect the increasing threat of seismic activity that is predicted for our region. Manning Design+Construction can help you navigate the latest building codes and permit procedures as well as the design, engineering and building process to ensure your Portland business or residence is ready when anticipated earthquake activity occurs.

Damage to buildings throughout Portland during an earthquake is expected to include homes and buildings shifting off of their foundations. Older buildings and homes are especially vulnerable to these forces as they often lack seismic anchoring to their foundations and were not engineered to resist the shaking and movement that is anticipated from a major earthquake. We can help you identify potential hazards ahead of time and engineer and implement solutions to help mitigate damages and the danger of serious injury or losses from a seismic event in the Portland, Oregon region.

If you have concerns about the integrity of or the seismic readiness of your home or business' foundation in the Portland area, including Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties and beyond, contact us to discover how we can help you fortify and ready the safety and livability of your building in light of our uncertain seismic future.

Foundation Repair + Replacement Projects

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ADU above structural columns and grade beam that carry all the seismic and gravity loads

Roseway ADU

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Healy Heights Seismic Upgrade and Stormwater Facility

Our experience with concrete and steel, combined with our familiarity with stormwater facilities, the soils of SW Portland, and the permitting...

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